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    Helene Beginner On 10/January/2019 at 07:41

    Diy privacy time 🚽

    Hi if you don’t want to spend $$$$$ on a plastic bag for the dress to go pee , and you don’t won’t to have 3 people with you ( personally i can’t do it if someone is watching ( except my dog or my fiancé when i take to long in the bathroom and i can’t hold it ) )

    one bag from ikea , do a hole 🕳 ( the smaller you can , but you must be able to go up all the way to your hips) and it’s done ✅.

    Diy privacy time 🚽 1

    Diy privacy time 🚽 2

    Diy privacy time 🚽 3

    Diy privacy time 🚽 4


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