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    Paige Frequent user On 9/January/2019 at 14:09

    Pearls or locket, diamonds or amethyst?

    Hi ladies! I’m struggling with picking my wedding jewellery. I have a few options to try and decide between.

    Purchase $100 amethyst earrings to match my ring, or wear my mother in laws diamond earrings. I think I’m leaning toward the diamonds as my something borrowed but can’t quite decide especially with my necklace options.

    I have a pearl necklace from my great grandma that she gave me as a kid specifically to wear on my wedding day. However it doesn’t quite suit the neckline of my dress. My thought if I don’t wear it is to either use as a bracelet, or wrap around my bouquet.

    My other option is to purchase a $60 heart locket because the longer necklace suits my dress neckline more and I’ve always wanted a locket. As you can see in the pictures the necklace I’m wearing is a great length. (Note that the piece of lace in the middle was just to show what I could do to raise the neckline, I didn’t like how low it was and also that the dress is still 2 sizes too big oh and that you can totally see the corset I’m wearing, I won’t be wearing it on wedding day)

    A) Amethyst earrings + pearl necklace

    B) diamond earrings + pearl necklace

    C) amethyst earrings + locket

    D) diamond earrings + locket

    Pearls or locket, diamonds or amethyst? 1

    Pearls or locket, diamonds or amethyst? 2

    Pearls or locket, diamonds or amethyst? 3


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