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    Wedding Venue Cancelled; now what??!!

    Sara Curious On 8/February/2019 at 23:51


    I'm freaking out a bit. I locked down, or so I thought, my wedding venue for Sept 14, 2019. We got the event space of the Beach House restaurant in West Vancouver as they were going to have new renovations done by May.

    I got an email today saying that the renovation schedule is WAAAAAYYYYYY behind and they can't guarantee our wedding day anymore. I am now 7 months away from said wedding date but without a space. The place we had we so ideal because it was small, intimate and affordable. We also locked down a permit to have the ceremony on the beach.

    What do I do?????? I HATE the planning process (I wanted to elope) and the idea of now having to search, email and find a place that is probably over budget is very stressful.

    I am very grateful that we have enough time to figure this out.

    Any tips out there??!!!

    The non bride , bride.




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