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6 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding

By Alice Prendergast, the 28/08/18
Alice Prendergast
6 Ways to Include Your Pet in Your Wedding
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Don’t forget about your pet when planning your big day! They can help you with everything from the proposal to decor.

Stacked your guest list with all your loved ones from near and far? Well, you may be forgetting someone! You probably count your pet as one of your nearest and dearest, so why not include them in your wedding? Whether you want them to be by your side when you say your “I dos” or simply be there in spirit, there are plenty of ways to involve furry, scaly and winged friends.

Here’s how to include your pet in your wedding.

Get their help with the proposal
Planning the perfect proposal can be tough - you’ve got to figure out the perfect time, the perfect things so say and the perfect location. If you think you need a wingman to help back you up when you’re popping the question, call upon your (or your soon-to-be fiance(e)’s) pet. There are plenty of fun ways to incorporate them; have them wear a sign saying “will you marry me?” or fasten the sparkler to their collar to catch your S.O. off guard.

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Include them in your wedding photoshoots
Your wedding album will be stacked with candids of you, your family and friends. Think someone’s missing? It may be your pet (after all, you probably consider them to be your non-human child). If you don’t think your animal would fare well at the wedding, save them for the more intimate photo sessions, like your engagement shoot.

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Hire them as your ring bearer
If you don’t have a baby cousin or family friend who’ll look cute toting those new bands down the aisle, look to your furry friend for help. Get your canine companion to scamper down the aisle with your rings attached to their collar or fasten a little bag to their harness. This is bound to get your guest aww-ing.

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Put them in your wedding party
Ask one of the wedding party members to walk your pet down the aisle so that they can stand by your side on your big day. This only really works if they’re fully trained - you don’t want them interrupting your vows with a bout of barking or stealing one of the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

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Add them to the top of your cake
Can’t decide on a cake topper? Gone are the days when you were expected to throw pint-sized brides and grooms on the top of your cake, so feel free to use a sugary rendering of your pet instead. Not only will this give your multi-tiered confection a unique touch, but you’ll get to give your furry friend a little face time at your wedding, too.

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Use them in reception decorations
If you're worried about your furry friend digging into your cake before you’ve even tasted the frosting, they’re probably better off left at home. However, they can still be at your wedding in spirit. If you’re including photos in your reception decor, throw a couple candid pics of your pet into the mix. Catching a glimpse of their cute mug is bound to make you and more than a few of your guests smile.

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